Our Protest and Performance

Our protest takes many forms. Musical performances are centred around our regular performers Drew Galdron “Faux Bojo” backed up by members of the No 10 Vigil, providing a unique musical protest backdrop against Brexit. Alongside this, we host guest musicians, comedians and speakers from a variety of fields, all of whom are united against Theresa May’s Brexit plans.

Click here for the No 10 Vigil YouTube channel to see vids of our events, here to see a gallery of photos.

Faux Bojo

Madeleina Kay

Mad Hatters Party


Our Artivism and Craftivism


As well as music, we are here to fight Brexit through a variety of art, including street art, knitting and crocheting, puppetry, clothing, baking and sugar craft.  We are here to channel our creativity into the campaign against Brexit. 









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