Why we do it

The first No 10 Vigil was on Wednesday 22nd February 2017. Initially we were a reaction to the silence that followed the Advisory referendum vote. We emerged alongside the Stop the Silence campaign with its hashtag #thepeoplearespeaking. The 16.1m who voted to Remain in the EU were seemingly ignored as Theresa May failed initially to define the meaning of Brexit and then drove us towards a “hard Brexit” with zero planning for “no deal” and a potential crash out of the EU over a cliff edge. Someone needed to shout up about the costs of Brexit , the cost of the process and to to the economy, the distraction from Government and the social costs of stress on EU citizens making a life away from their member states, xenophobia and rising hate crimes. In our view it’s not a price worth paying. We needed to be out there and visible!

Although 17.4m voted to “leave the European Union”, this represented 37% of the then electorate. The June 2017 General Election clearly demonstrated that the Country has not united behind the Government and Theresa May has no mandate for Brexit. As David Davies has said countries which cannot change their minds “cease to be democracies”. The democratic process continues as does our right to protest.

The No 10 Vigil has a serious message. We are here to “Break Brexit before Brexit Breaks Britain”. We believe that as further realities of Brexit materialise and further evidence that Brexit is bad for Britain comes to light, public opinion will continue to change. Ultimately the negotiation process will take far longer than we were led to believe, and if it doesn’t fall over with no deal, then what’s on the table will be much less attractive than staying in a reformed EU. There are also real risks that the United Kingdom will fragment

We remind the public and Government that there is an alternative, we are still here holding May and her cronies to account; we will not go away until Brexit becomes an ugly blip on the landscape of British history.


OUR Messages

  • Remain is alive, well and organised
  • The referendum was only a step in the democratic process ( it never provided a mandate to leave anyway)
  • Certain media outlets must be exposed for deliberately spreading half truths and lies encouraging division and hatred within our nation
  • Government should be held to account for their duplicity
  • Brexit is not a done deal
  • We believe that the UK can take its place as an influential nation within the EU- the biggest trading body in the world
  • Break Brexit before Brexit Breaks Britain


No 10 Vigil