The No10Vigil has been very active at music festivals this summer. Here are some of the highlights.

Field Day, 3rd June, 2017, Victoria Park, Hackney

This was the Vigil’s first appearance at a major music festival. We found a great spot under the shade of a tree and soon got the banners and flags up. The General Election campaign was in full flow, as was our “Strong and Stable, my arse” message.

Bollocks to Brexit stickers came out in the summer sun and the crowd loved them. Stickers were visible everywhere. Faux Bojo was there and went down an absolute treat with festival goers. The puppets were also loved by one and all.

Love Box, 15th July, 2017, Victoria Park, Hackney

We were back in Hackney a few weeks later. This time security had been ramped up and we weren’t allowed in the park. But that didn’t deter us. We just took our gear and made ourselves at home just near the entrance gate.

Space was very tight, but it made for a very compact musical performance, with the festival goers mingling with us and enjoying the show. If anything Bollocks stickers were in even greater demand.

Garage Nation, 22nd July, 2017, Streatham Common

We have generally been very lucky with the weather, but we were due one filthy day. And in Streatham Common it chucked it down. We huddled under our giant EU flag, particularly to keep the equipment and Vigil materials dry.

There was an intrepid attempt at stickering, but our Bollocks stickers were just not working in the rain. The leaflets fared even worse. The Vigil is not for quitting and we retired to the pub across the road and delighted some of the young punters with our Bollocks.

Eastern Electrics, 5th August, 2017, Morden Park

Morden Park was the most mixed festival to date, with quite a few Brexiters attending too. We got the odd goose step and grunts of “Brexit, Brexit” but on the whole they were good humoured enough …. apart from one rather aggressive fellow.

The stickers were ever popular and Vigilers stood in a line to catch as many festival goers as possible with some Bollocks.

Sunfall, 12th August, 2017, Brockwell Park

We were in the most solid Remain area of mainland Britain and it showed. The stickers were flying off the roll. People loved the Vigil. It was a young and cool audience and a great atmosphere. Stickers were being plastered on all body parts.

Faux Bojo was there again and attracted the now customary cheering crowd of festival goers. Bojo funk is a very slick act.

SW4, 26th August, 2017, Clapham Common

One of the biggest events on the festival calendar and of course the Vigil was there. We found a great spot next to the main entrance and the fetival goers streamed past and were stickered.

The Vigil was now becoming a feature of the summer festival season with many people recognising now from previous occasions. And demanding their Bollocks. .

Notting Hill Carnival, 27th August, 2017, Notting Hill

To round off a very busy weekend, we went to the Carnival. Some of us wore green as a mark of respect to the victims of the Grenfell Tower tragedy. Unlike the festivals, we decided not to use our amp and our own music and instead got to work stickering. The stickers couldn’t come off the roll quick enough and we found ourselves surrounded by crowds of revellers wanting their Bollocks.

The Carnival of course has a lovely vibe and we even had people who wanted to help us with the stickering. .