Summer Boat Party 2017

On the 19th of August 2017 the No 10 Vigil held a summer boat party. A beautiful, albeit breezy day greeted the Good Ship Remain’s first outing on the Thames (all right, it was a boat and it was called the William B – no untruths here). Around 100 remainers aged eight to 80 boarded the boat for a midday sailing, helmed by a leaver – boo!

EU and Union flags were resplendent on deck and down both sides of the boat. ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ could be heard ringing out as we passed underneath Tower Bridge, with tourists and photographers looking on. The cruise may have been short lived, as Cpt Leave threatened to take us back since our flags obstructed his view. EU health and safety was quickly re-observed and we were on our way for a date at Westminster. But an unforeseen u-turn scuppered a full-on assault on Parliament. It seemed Cpt Leave was intent on taking us straight out to sea and drop us in EU waters. Leave-whispers suggested it was the high-tide that meant we couldn’t travel any further upstream.

The band, the Brunk! Band, played on, accompanied by waves of ‘Brexit mucks you up’ as we passed underneath each bridge – but given the echoing onlookers may have heard something different. Granny Remain, Jo Bell, Maddie, BoJo’s Conscience (Drew Galdron), Tim Evans and the No.10 Vigil all took star turns as we cruised to Greenwich and the O2 before turning back home.

We disembarked in one piece, with some people’s legs more wobbly than others. Flags were folded up for another day, but smiles still abounded despite the fact that The Captain was still not for turning.